82% of drowning’s could have been prevented Most happen close to safety 80% happen in calm weather and water
Why Lifejackets or PFD’s?
Visual Distress Signals
Who Needs Lifejackets or PFD’s?
Everyone who is aboard a boat Everyone who participates in on-water activities Ensure they are Canadian Coast Guard approved Properly sized
Types of Lifejackets & PFD’s
Three Types of Lifejackets Inherently Buoyant Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) Inflatable PFD’s
Types of Lifejackets & PFD’s
Alert Locate All must be:
CCG approved Good and serviceable condition Right number and type Readily accessible
Type A - Parachute flare Type B - Multi-star flare Type C - Hand-held flare Type D: Smoke flare
Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Standard Type Lifejacket Small Vessel Lifejacket
Standard Vest for regular on-water activities
Type A - Parachute flare: easily seen from water, land and air. Must emit a red light.
Activity Specific: Paddling, Fishing, High Impact Sports
Type B - Multi-star flare: easily seen from water, land and air. Must emit a red light.
Type B - Multi-star flare: easily seen from water, land and air. Must emit a red light.
Vest design
Suited for:Your on-water activity Expected water conditions Your body type and weight
Find the Right Lifejacket for You!
Check the label on the lifejacket/PFD for:Canadian Coast Guard Approval Type of jacket Intended use Properly sized for wearer
Lifejacket Label and Instruction Booklet
Fitting Child’s Lifejacket
Match child’s weight to the weight rating on the label While the child has the life jacket on, check for a snug fit by pulling gently up on the shoulders of the life jacket to be sure it does not ride up to ears or nose Water test
Fitting Adult Lifejacket
Match the wearer’s chest size with the chest and weight size categories on the label Lifejacket/PFD should fit snugly
Lifejackets/PFD’s should be worn at all times
May be impossible to reach A lifejacket/PFD is difficult to put on in the water In cold water swimming or even staying afloat will be very difficult
Final Word
Choose a lifejacket that is comfortable and made for your intended on-water activity Wear It!